Bilateral Cooperation

International scientific and technological cooperation is achieved through bilateral agreements, signed between foreign homologous research institutes, in order to carry out joint research initiatives on topics of mutual interest. In accordance with the institutional framework defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ENEA signs bilateral scientific and technological cooperation agreements and the following related Executive Programmes.

A list of the above-mentioned R&D programmes, with the related research areas of bilateral cooperation between Italy and its partner countries, is available at the following web address:

For each Executive Programme, Projects of major importance are listed, that is those projects that have been allocated annual co-funding for their accomplishment, pursuant to law no. 401/90.

As of today, in the ENEA fields of competence 12 Agreements are in place and the Agency is involved in 4 Projects of major importance, all listed in the following tables.


ENEA Bilateral Agreements


Projects of Major Importance (Co-funded by MAE: year 2013)

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