International Events

Within its research areas of expertise, ENEA organizes and/or participates in international scientific conferences and seminars also. For detailed information, please visit the Events web page.

ENEA also participates in international events of general interest in order to present its own research activities and areas of competence.

That was the case of “Italy in Japan 2011”, an event dedicated to the Japanese audience and organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a showcase of the Italian culture. The Agency participated with a series of multimedia events representing the ENEA contribution to the S&T Session: “virtual” meetings among researchers from Italy and Japan, scientific web-conferences, written, audio and video contributions on several research themes, also in a post-Fukushima perspective: Energy, Seismic Engineering, Radiation Protection, Life Sciences, Cultural Heritage, Nanotechnologies, Radiation Metrology, Research Policy. Please visit the web page ENEA in Japan to find all contributions related to such event.

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