Climate change and Sea level rise in the Mediterranean Sea: the Italian contribution to research and policy developments

Quando dal 05/07/2018 alle 09:30
al 06/07/2018 alle 16:30
Dove Rome (Italy)
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This workshop addresses one of the major themes identified by the WCRP Grand Challenges, specifically "Regional Sea-Level Change and Coastal Impacts”. It aims to promote a trans-disciplinary approach to sea level rise in the Mediterranean Sea, arguably the most challenging semi-enclosed basin in the world to which the IPCC projections cannot be applied or even extrapolated. Furthermore, the countries surrounding the sea and their complex coastlines are particularly vulnerable to the impacts and possibly dramatic consequences of sea level rise, with millennial coastal cities in need of adaptation/mitigation measures for their survival in the foreseeable future. The broad scopes of the workshop are illustrated here. The workshop will be attended by Italian scientists (including those working abroad) who study the evolution of the past and future Mediterranean Sea Level.

The workshop will focus on the following themes:

  • Paleo sea-level data and modelling
  • Tectonic deformation and sea-level change
  • Modelling sea level and its components
  • Sea levels change and Coastal zone management




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5 luglio | Sessione I : Paleo livello marino. dati e modelli

5 luglio | Sessione II : Approccio modellistico agli effetti regionali dei cambiamenti climatici

5 luglio | Sessione III : Deformazione tettonica e cambiamento del livello del mare

5 luglio | Sessione IV : Poster

6 luglio | Sessione V : Variazione del livello del mare e gestione delle aree costiere