Nexus: Food, water and energy

Water, food and energy security are crucial for sustainable long-term economic growth and human wellbeing and there are strong linkage between all three. In the run-up to Rio+20, the Bonn 2011 Nexus Conference contributed to a better understanding of the interdependencies between the water, energy and food security and highlighted the need for more systemic thinking to identify synergies and trade-offs between different sectors, interest groups and development goals.
Quando 21/05/2015
dalle 10:00 alle 14:30
Dove Expo Milan
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Two sessions are foreseen to provide a scientific/academic overview of recent international outcomes on the relationship among water, food and energy and the efficient use of natural resources. More specifically, the issue will be debated on how the international cooperation, by embracing the new deals of sustainable development, could boost the systems resilience, even in inadequacy and scarcity of natural resources.

In each session, the expert group will be invited to debate on how the interchanges between water, energy and food products influence long-terms socioeconomic trends in multiple ways and how the nexus approach should be addressed to inform and follow through the on-going discussion on Sustainable Development Goals and post-2015 agenda.

The role of science, technology, innovation in development cooperation projects will also be examined, with reference to the technology transfer, the adaptation of new technologies and innovation to local situations, the establishment of research networks and partnerships, the exchange of knowledge/know-how.

Partner: ENEA, WAME, FAO, WFP, IFAD, UNIDO, European Commission, CNR, CRA, WWAP, Italian Ministry of Environment