Energy: At the start the Italian hub for the exploitation of marine sources

ENEA has brought together national experts and stakeholders in the field of marine energy in Rome to launch the Italian hub of PELAGOS Blue Energy Clusterfor the Mediterranean, a European project aimed at promoting the exploitation of marine resources through a network of SMEs, electrical companies, research institutes, financial operators, service providers and end users in seven European countries (Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain).

The launch of the Italian platform took place during the workshop "Blue Energy: technological trends and market opportunities for Italian companies", organised in partnership with Unioncamere Veneto and with the participation of two Italian representatives at the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan. In addition, the meeting was an opportunity to share the position paper "Ocean energy exploitation in Italy: ongoing R&D activities", realised in partnership with the major Italian public and private actors operating in the industry. The document is entirely devoted to Italian research and development activities in the field of marine energy and their positive impact on industry and employment.

"The Position Paper provides an updated photograph with data and guidelines for the development of marine resources, also through increased national and international investment. Italy has made great strides both in research and technology development, and has now gained a prominent position among international players in this area", explains Gianmaria Sannino, head of the ENEA Laboratory for Climate Modelling and Impacts, which develops technologies for marine energy. "The Mediterranean offers significant opportunities to exploit energy from the sea, although the greatest availability of marine energy resources in Europe remains the Atlantic coast".

"In the PELAGOS project, ENEA plays the lead role for several activities, in addition to being an active participant in the overall planning and management of the project, which can count on funding of 2.4 million euros from the EU under the Interreg-MED programme", adds Sannino. "In particular we will provide our expertise in the mapping of marine energy resources and in the development of wave motion energy conversion technologies. We will also contribute to the implementation of plans for the transfer of the results and scientific dissemination to industries and national and European policy makers", he concluded.


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