High Performance Computing on CRESCO infrastructure: research activities and results 2014

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Edited by: Fiorenzo Ambrosino

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 188, 2015

ISBN: 978-88-8286-325-8

Price: free


The book is a collection of 28 papers which show the main results obtained in 2014 by using the scientific computing infrastructures CRESCO in fields such as material science, efficient combustion, climate research, nuclear technology, plasma physics, biotechnology, aerospace, complex system physics.

CRESCO systems belong to ENEA-GRID, the computing infrastructure of ENEA distributed over 6 Centres: Portici, Frascati, Casaccia, Brindisi, Bologna and Trisaia.

The Portici Centre hosts the main computing facilities that, since 2014, include the CRESCO4 system.

Computing services have been provided to more than a hundreds of users involved in ENEA research and development activities, and to academic and industrial groups.

The book shows the many kinds of applications related to high performance computing, an important technology for science and engineering.





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