Research & Development

ENEA research activities are focused on the following sectors:

ENERGY EFFICIENCY : Support to Public Administration, Information and Training; Advanced Technologies for Energy and Industry

RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES: Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy; Photovoltaics; Biomass and Biofuels; Solar Thermal Energy at low and medium temperatures; Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Energy Storage Systems

NUCLEAR ENERGY: Nuclear Fusion; Nuclear Fission

CLIMATE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Environmental Characterization, Prevention and Recovery; Environmental Technologies; Energy and Environmental Modeling; Marine environment and Sustainable Development; Antarctic Expeditions and Research in Polar Areas

SAFETY AND HEALTH:  Seismic Protection; Radiation Biology and Human Health; Radiation Protection; Metrology of Ionizing Radiation

NEW TECHNOLOGIES: Materials Technologies; Radiation Applications; Sustainable Development and Innovation of the Agro-Industrial System; ICT

ELECTRIC SYSTEM RESEARCH: Studies and research, under a Programme Agreement with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, aimed at innovating the National Electric System to make it cheaper, safer and more environmentally-friendly.