Climate and the Environment

ENEA research on climate and the environment is mainly related to:

Environmental Characterization, Prevention and Recovery: as to site characterization, environmental protection and remediation interventions, ENEA carries out research by a multidisciplinary approach aimed at innovating data collecting systems (for a more effective identification of environmental criticalities) and laboratory tests of new approaches to their solution; the Agency also provides consultancy and specific services in support to Public Administration at all levels and the Civil Protection Department.

Environmental Technologies: ENEA carries out research, development and promotion of environmental technologies, contributing to their transfer to the Country system. It also provides technical and scientific support to the central and local Public Administration and to industries, with particular attention to SMEs, and actively contributes to the national and EU Technology Platforms. Activities are mainly: waste cycle management; water management; eco-innovation of production processes; environmental restauration and requalification; environmental certification and management tools and eco-design; development of future scenarios and modelling for the evaluation of atmospheric pollution. Energy and Environment Modelling: ENEA research activities include modeling and observing regional climate systems, designing energy strategies and providing new technologies for the adaptation of infrastructures and human activities to environmental changes, with special emphasis on a possible future low-carbon society.

Marine Environment and Sustainable Development: ENEA research in the field is multidisciplinary with a special eye on experimental oceanography, aimed at assessing and foreseeing the impact of climate change and anthropic pressing on marine and coastal ecosystems. The Agency also generates the basic know-how to protect ecosystems, preserve biodiversity, and sustainably manage and use resources.

Expeditions in Antarctica and Polar Areas: The interministerial decree of 30 September, 2010, –  co-signed by the Italian Ministers of Research and of Economic Development – outlines a new system management of the Italian National Research Programme in Antarctica (PNRA), confirming ENEA as the official body in charge of implementing the Antarctic expedition plan and of organizing all the relevant technical and logistic actions on site. ENEA had already been assigned this role since 1985, year of PNRA foundation, until 2003. Furthermore, in the framework of its own institutional competences, the Agency conducts scientific research on the environment, climate change and technology innovation in polar areas.