Electrical System Research

The "Electric System Research" project provides R&D aimed at: innovating the Italian national electric system, decreasing electric power costs for end-users; enhancing the system’s reliability and the service quality, reducing the electric system impact on heath and the environment; allowing to use energy sources rationally and ensuring the Country suitable conditions for a sustainable development.

Activities are funded by end users with the “R&D contributions”, one of the items listed on the electricity bills (item A5). The amount from these contributions is set by the Italian National Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG).

The research projects are implemented under Programme Agreements between the Italian Ministry for Economic Development and ENEA, CNR, and RSE S.p.A.

Starting from 2006, ENEA has co-signed two Programme Agreements. To date, the projects of the third year of the 2009-2011 Programme Agreement are underway .

Research has been carried out by ENEA in collaboration with the main national university institutions and with the participated companies SOTACARBO and FN Nuove Tecnologie Avanzate (for more information, please visit the web page: Partner).

The activities performed within the Electric System Research project are focused on the following research areas and specific topics:

Electric Power Storage
  • Census of the national energy potential of biomass
  • Production of energy from biomass and waste
Fuel Cells
Fossil Fuels and CCS:
  • Flameless Oxi-Combustion for the reduction of polluting emissions
  • Coal gasification and CCS
  • Cogeneration of electric power and hydrogen
  • Clean Coal and CCS
Marine Currents
Nuclear Fission:
  • Studies on the New Nuclear Energy
  • Generation III+ Advanced Reactors
  • Generation IV Innovative Reactors
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Support to Nuclear Safety Authority
  • Training and Dissemination
  • Qualification of Components and Systems
  • Methods for Analysis and Verification of Nuclear Projects
Nuclear Fusion
Energy Saving:
  • Solar-Assisted Air Conditioning
  • Innovative Electrotechnologies
  • Energy Saving: Public Lighting
  • Energy Saving: Civil Sector
  • Energy Saving: Transports
  • Smart City and Public Lighting
  • Energy Efficiency Technologies for Services.


Detailed research activities and results are available and all volumes and technical reports from 2006 to date are downloadable in the Italian page of the ENEA web site.

As of April 2012 4 volumes with yearly results and 4 booklets with the relevant summary files have been published (see Publications – RS-30), as well as 860 Technical Reports and 10 among web sites and s/w (see Web Sites and Software– RS-31).

The Product Catalogue, constantly updated and easy-access, can be downloaded on the web, providing an overall view of all the products published so far (volumes, reports, web sites and s/w).

For more information, see also Useful Links (RS-33).