Nuclear Energy

Italy is a research pioneer of nuclear fusion, one of the most useful options to ensure the availability on a large scale of an energy source that is safe, environmentally-friendly and actually inexhaustible. Started at the end of 1950s at the Frascati Research Centre, research was first focused on tests on plasmas to then evolve towards a complex physics, technology and engineering system, where ENEA is the national programme’s leading actor and coordinator.

Since its very foundation, ENEA performs R&D on nuclear fission. At present, activities are mainly focused on research and development of advanced nuclear systems for innovative production plants and for medium-, long-term problem solving related to both the availability of fuel resources and reducing long-life radioactive wastes.

Still within nuclear fission, ENEA plays an important role for: qualification of nuclear components and systems; ionizing radiation metrology; radiation protection.

ENEA hosts the National Contact Point for the transport of radioactive materials and the Integrated Service for the management of non-electro-nuclear radioactive waste.