Solar Thermal Energy at low and medium temperatures

The Trisaia Research Centre hosts a plant for the qualification of solar collectors and systems. In this station research is conducted on the applications of low- and medium-temperature solar thermal energy, particularly on the development of flat-plate or concentrating prototypes (CPC systems, parabolic-trough collectors, and Fresnel lens solar concentrators) targeted at heat production for both food thermal processes for civil and industrial applications, and use for innovative helium air-conditioning systems by coupling them with thermal closed-circuit (absorption chiller) or open-circuit devices (DEC systems using solid or liquid drying agents).

Specifically, research is centred on the following activities:

  • Analysis and energy optimization of low and medium temperature solar systems;
  • Development of thermo-fluid-dynamic and optical models for the energy analysis of solar collectors for medium temperature applications; technical and economic evaluation and optimization of solar-cooling plants components;
  • Energetic characterization of CPCs for medium-temperature applications by using test facilities able to thermally analyze such components at an operating temperature of up to 300 °C.


The laboratory is accredited to perform tests in compliance with the EU and International test regulations both for solar collector (EN 12975-2, and ISO 9806), and for solar systems generating sanitary hot water (EN 12976-2, and ISO 9459-2).