Radiation Protection

Human health is the core application field of Radiation Protection, that is necessary in all those medical, industrial and research activities where ionizing radiation is required. Its correct application is based on the ability to experimentally determine the radiation sources and the relevant doses man and the environment are exposed to. The radiation doses are associated with models allowing to assess the risks from contamination or exposure to ionizing radiation.

In this sector, the ENEA Radiation Protection Institute (ENEA-IRP) is unique in the national territory for the expertise, equipment and technical services it provides.

The ENEA-IRP’s  network of laboratories provides efficient services related to radioactivity measurements, dosimetry and calibration of radiation protection equipment.

The continuous R&D and qualification activities as well as the constant participation in and exchange with the international scientific community keep the level of IRP’s expertise high when it comes to dosimetry and radiation protection.



Whole body counter

ENEA-Radiation Protection Institute: Whole Body Counter – assessing internal contamination by in-vivo measurements