Safety and Health

Research on safety and human health is mainly focuses on:

Seismic Protection: ENEA is engaged in developing and applying innovative anti-seismic devices and systems since their earliest applications in Italy, over 20 years ago. The Agency provides project consultancy, tests and produces the safety certification of very important and strategic structures, and is also very active in such fields as information dissemination and training.

Radiation Biology and Human Health: ENEA carries out research activities and provides advanced services on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation by developing products, processes and methodologies aimed at understanding the harmful effects and action mechanisms of noxious chemical and physical agents. This scientific and technical knowledge enables to cope with radioprotection problems and to develop health technologies, thus allowing the national industrial sector to grow and supporting the mission of the Institutions devoted to public health protection.

Radiation Protection: Radiation protection is necessary in all those medical, industrial and research activities requiring the use of ionizing radiation. The ENEA-IRP (Radiation Protection Institute) network of laboratories provides efficient services related to radioactivity measurements, dosimetry and calibration of radiation protection equipment.

Metrology of Ionizing Radiation: Pursuant to Law no. 273 of 11th August 1991, the ENEA National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology (INMRI-ENEA) has been officially encharged with ensuring that actual conditions exist for ionizing radiation measurement to be reliable in all sectors of interest such as radiotherapy, medical radiodiagnostics, radiation protection in the environment, hospitals and scientific research.