Seismic Protection

ENEA is engaged in the development and application of innovative anti-seismic devices and systems since their very first applications in Italy, over 20 years ago, and reached a primary role at both national and international level. As a matter of fact, ENEA was the first Italian research agency to carry out studies and wide-ranging experimental campaigns on seismic isolation at the beginning of the ‘90s.Moreover, ENEA promoted the application of seismic isolation and energy dissipation techniques to any kind of structures, from cultural heritage to nuclear plants.

Nowadays, ENEA provides project consultancy and produces the safety certification of very important and strategic structures like the new school in San Giuliano di Puglia and the new Operative Civil Protection Centre in Foligno.

ENEA is also very active in dissemination and training, mainly thanks to the foundation of the Italian Association GLIS (Isolation and other seismic protection strategies) and the Anti-Seismic Systems International Society (ASSISi) chaired by ENEA and the General Secretariat since its very foundation.

Hereinafter the main ENEA activities in the anti-seismic field are listed:

  • Development of anti-seismic systems and technologies, in cooperation with manufacturers;
  • Implementation and validation of original mathematical models of anti-seismic devices and the structures they are applied to;
  • Design and performance of experimental tests for the qualification of anti-seismic devices and systems;
  • Safety certification of strategic building protected with innovative anti-seismic devices;
  • Promotion of research and specific studies on social behavior aimed at reconstructing plans after an earthquake.


ENEA also carries out studies and research on:

  • seismic input characterization, seismic zoning and microzoning, and local seismic response, also performed by means of in situ measurements;
  • seismic vulnerability of structures, also by means of in situ experiments and seismic monitoring of civil and industrial structures and historical-artistic monuments and mock-up testing on shaking table.





School F. Jovine

The new school "Francesco Jovine", and the Professional University Centre "Le Tre Torri" in San Giuliano di Puglia, built on a single foundation plate and an ENEA-designed isolation system made of 61 high damping rubber bearings and 12 s. steel-teflon sliding isolators (donated by the Italian manufacturing companies ALGA, FIP Industriale, and TIS, belonging to the ACAI-ACEDIS Association). The experimental tests on the facility have been performed by ENEA


Centro Operativo Foligno

“Centro Operativo Emergenza e Formazione" of the Civil Protection Centre in Foligno - Main building (upper picture), protected by 10 high damping rubber bearings with a 1m diameter (lower picture). ENEA provided project consultancy and performed the experimental tests


Seismic Isolators

Seismic isolators in the new Marzabotto’s school during the foundation laying. ENEA provided a consultancy to the isolator project and performed the experimental tests