ENEA in Japan 2011

The webconference closed yesterday with the last session on fundraising and capacity building. During this week, we successfully web-streamed for approximately ten hours, connecting 27 Research Bodies, Institutions, NGOs, Universities, covering important scientific issues and joint projects that ENEA is implementing with Japan. On the last day, we had the opportunity to discuss further future collaborations in a wider perspective, with the important input of the EU Delegation in Japan.

We thank Ambassador Vincenzo Petrone and  Alberto Mengoni of the Italian Embassy in Japan for their constant support, Sumiko Osugi of the Japanes Embassy in Italy for bringing the Ambassador’ message, and, last but not least, all colleagues of the internal services for making this event possible.

Rassegna Italia in Giappone 2011”.

nd 2011
Marina Leonardi
Head, International Relations, ENEA

The web conference is part of a broader initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the "Rassegna Italia in Giappone 2011". The "Rassegna" (Fair) held different type of events, including a science and technology session.

Energy, Sustainability and Innovation are keywords of today worldwide research, and, within the science and technology session, this website hosts a wide portfolio of ENEA R&D activities on these key global issues, with a focus on collaborations with Japanese institutions.

Here, you will find scientific articles, video podcast and web-seminars about research on CULTURAL HERITAGE, EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, ENERGY, LIFE SCIENCES, NANOTECHNOLOGY, RADIATION METROLOGY, RADIATION PROTECTION, SCIENCE POLICY, also in a "post-Fukushima" perspective. Several Japanese institutions contributed to the event, thus providing a relevant snapshot of the Japanese-Italian collaborations in the different areas (see the Agenda and Catalogue) and indicating where new cooperation may arise in the future.

The conference broadcasted via the world wide web, from 28th November to 1st December 2011, and all conference contributions will be available on this website soon.


green arrowWelcome message, Vincenzo Petrone Italian Ambassador in Japan

green arrowWelcome message, Masaharu Kohno Japanese Ambassador in Italy

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