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  • Environment: Extreme climate events, ENEA identifies most at-risk regions in Italy
    13 June 2024

    An ENEA study published in the journal Safety in Extreme Environment has allowed to identify the regions in our country most at risk of mortality due to extreme climatic events, which from 2003 to 2020 caused a total of 378 deaths, of which 321 due to landslides and avalanches, 28 to storms and 29 to floods. The regions with the highest number of deaths and municipalities involved were Trentino-Alto Adige (73 deaths and 44 municipalities), Lombardy (55 deaths and 44 municipalities), Sicily (35 deaths and 10 municipalities), Piedmont (34 deaths and 28 municipalities), Veneto (29 deaths and 23

  • Health: Electrified device for regenerating injured spinal cord
    13 June 2024

    A biocompatible and completely flexible electrified device (scaffold), capable of guiding the regeneration of the injured spinal cord thanks to an innovative electrode is what the European project RISEUP has developed.

  • Nutrition: Value added bakery products from coffee waste
    13 June 2024

    Using coffee roasting industry waste as an high added value food ingredient in baked products would lower the environmental impact of processing by 73%[1] and cut the disposal costs incurred by companies in half, as shown by an ENEA study on the economic and environmental sustainability of the disposal of silverskin, the major organic waste from coffee roasting which roasters are obliged to convert into compost. The research was conducted as part of the European Biocircularcities project and its results were published in the journal Sustainability.

  • PA: ENEA, outcomes of ES-PA project in support of energy and sustainability policies
    13 June 2024

    Over 100 products and services available to Public Administrations, 150 training events involving thousands of participants, pilot projects and a single energy register of the Sicilian Region are the main results of the project ENEA ES-PA (Energy and Sustainability for Public Administration) presented in Rome during an event at the Chamber of Deputies.

  • Environment: Silicon recovered from discarded photovoltaic modules makes new battery material
    13 June 2024

    From waste to resource. ENEA has patented a reduced environmental impact process to recover silicon from end-of-life photovoltaic panels and convert it into an innovative nano material used to build less expensive batteries with improved performance and extended lifespan. The patent is also useful in photovoltaic panels recycling plants and in photovoltaic panel manufacturing plants, for example to recover silicon from faulty panels.

  • Energy: ENEA presides over International Solar Conference
    13 June 2024

    ENEA will preside over the 30th SolarPACES conference, the world’s leading event for concentrated solar thermal technologies which will take place this year in Rome (8 - 11 October 2024). Luca Turchetti, ENEA researcher at the Energy Technologies and Renewable Sources Department, was designated chairperson of the event, which has been attended by representatives from research, industry and institutions from around the world since the first edition in 1982.




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