Services in support of project development

The Brussels Liaison Office would like to become an “access point” for project development in support of ENEA Technical Units. Activities are usually divided in two steps: pre and post-submission of a project.


Activities related to pre-submission of a project are:

  • Finding of information to help Technical Units to draft project proposals for different European programmes
  • Scouting of Calls for Proposals of interest
  • Introduction of the project ideas to the competent EC project officers for a first preliminary check of the correspondence of the ideas with the call’s objectives and scope
  • Support for qualified partners’ search throughout our networks of European entities (research centres, universities, regions) here in Brussels (IGLO and other liaison offices)
  • Scouting of project opportunities on behalf of ENEA Technical Units
  • Representation and promotion of ENEA capacities in occasion of information days related to EU funding programmes on behalf of ENEA staff
  • Organisation of info-events and promotion of  project ideas in order to stimulate qualified partnerships
  • Offer of logistical facilities (conference rooms, etc…) and services of our office for project meetings.


Activities related to post-submission of a project are:

  • Monitoring of the state of the art of the projects’ evaluation and collection of  information related to their performance
  • Support in the negotiation phase when requested for projects receiving funding
  • Offer of logistical services in our office for project meetings or promotional events to be carried out in Brussels.