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Advanced Service Available


Innovations and Benefits

Food safety, fraud detection, marketing of authentic food, labelling innovation, export compliance regulations.


Agrifood products: organic fraction characterization.
Isotopic analysis for the origin characterization of different food: milk, wine, oil, tomatoes, honey.

The ENEA “Traceability lab” provides analytical services by the means of isotopic and radiometric analysis for the characterization of the linkage between the territory and the production chain of food. The identification of specific markers for the agro-food matrix, i.e  the isotopic ratios of light elements (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen) for climatic characterization, and isotopic ratios of heavy elements (stronzium, lead, …) for geological and pedogenic characterization, could be useful for the traceability of the cultivar and the production process.  
The measurements are carried out using the high-resolution mass spectrometry technique in a clean room class ISO6 to avoid cross contamination.

Applications and ongoing Activities

Activities as part of the "Traceability" project by Emilia-Romagna Region within the regional high-tech network - Traceability Laboratory (
Collaboration with agrifood industries and universities.


CUSTOM Thanks to its flexibility, the service can be adjusted to different agrifood matrices and different stakeholders

Contact person

Antonietta Rizzo (antonietta.rizzo <at>