Human resources

At the date of 30 June 2019, the employees was 2526 fixed units, whit 2 units engaged by determinate time contract, and 30 units engaged by researcher assignment.

The average age of all employed is 52 years, for men is 53 ( 1530 units), and for women is 51 ( 996 units).
The major concentration of employees is in technical and scientific units, whit 1984 employed engaged, on totality of 2526 employees.

The work profiles more representative are researchers and technologists whit 1584 units and in diploma study profile, are 933 units of technical collaborators and operators.

The study profile distribution of employees show 1598 graduates whit 1374 in engineering and halt care areas, and 224 units graduates in social and human sciences.

The employees whit diploma grade are 847 units, whit 455 whit technical study profiles and 392 in administrative study profile.

The employees whit other inferior study grades are 81 units.

Statistics on ENEA permanent staff


Data: June 30, 2019