The Three-Year Activity Plan

The 2017-2019 Three-Year Plan illustrates the strategic lines of action, the planning of activities, the structure of the Agency, the size and changes in the workforce. It is available online at and must be updated annually and approved by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Plan falls within the provisions of Italian legislative decree no. 218/2016 on research institutions "for the purpose of operational planning, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Research Programme, taking into account the guidelines of the supervising Minister and the tasks and responsibilities provided for by current legislation" and also focuses on the personnel needs for the performance of activities and services, consistent with the need to ensure the sustainability of personnel expenses and budget equilibria.

The 2017-2019 Plan provides for a strong generational turnover with the recruitment of 572 young researchers, over 51 million in investments in equipment and plants and a set of actions for the enhancement of professionalism, training, recognition of merit, reward mechanisms, the simplification of the administrative process with respect to transparency and control needs, the spread of a new organisational culture and the development of partnerships with other national and international research entities and bodies.