Participated Companies

The Agency has 30 equity investments in joint-stock companies, limited liability consortia and active consortia linked to different purposes and activities from past years.  As a non-business body, ENEA’s participated companies are non-profit entities and must invest any surpluses in statutory activities or place them in reserves to provide the Agency with the resources necessary to pursue its purposes, particularly in the absence of dedicated public funding or market demand for any innovation application.

Some participated companies were necessarily created as partnership between large- and medium-sized industrial enterprises for the management of activities of national interest (collection of nuclear waste, production of nuclear fuel, testing of systems under non-replicable conditions at  national and international level).    In other cases, participated companies  have been established or acquired to meet their relevantrequirements set out by various calls for research and innovation funding in the Convergence Regions, issuedby the Ministry of Research (e.g., Title III of Notice 2010 Prot. 713/Ric of MIUR, National Operative Programme - Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013 for Convergence Regions - which provided for the "Creation of New Districts and/or New Public-Private Aggregations").In some cases, once the original activity has been exhausted or diminished, the professional expertise and the composition of the shareholders have allowed expansion into the relevant fields, always focused on the common objectives of the shareholders, in particular the public quota.

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