Laboratory of Materials Technologies Faenza

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The Laboratory of Materials Technologies Faenza (TEMAF) of ENEA conducts R&D and engineering activities, mainly in the field of advanced ceramic materials, for several applications: energy production, energy recovery, transports, aerospace, biomedical, agro-food, construction, chemical and manufacturing industries. The applications-oriented research activities involve:

  • R&D of structural and functional ceramics (monolithics, composites and coatings) and development of the related production processes up to the manufacturing of prototypes and small series
  • R&D of materials and technologies for additive manufacturing
  • R&D of biobased materials and biomass valorisation
  • innovative components engineering and technology transfer of manufacturing processes
  • thermomechanical characterisation of materials and qualification of components
  • microstructural and physico-chemical characterisation of ceramics, composites, advanced metals, biomasses and fertilizers


Since 2015, the Laboratory of Materials Technologies Faenza (TEMAF) belongs to “Sustainable Materials Technologies and Processes Division” (PROMAS) related to the “Territorial and Production Systems Sustainability Department” (SSPT).