Laboratories and plants

Research activities and services are carried out using the experimental facilities and plants of the Faenza Research Laboratories. Several experimental tests and scale-up processing are performed, from the development of a specific material to the production of components, prototypes and small series. There are too some plants on a pilot and demonstration scale, in addition to laboratory equipment, that are of primary importance to the technology transfer actions. Moreover, the activities of characterization, engineering and qualification are an integral part of new processes and materials development.


  • Development of powders, advanced ceramics, nanostructured/functionalised materials and coatings
  • Development of processes for ceramic components production
  • Microstructural and physico-chemical characterisation for the development of innovative materials and processes
  • Thermomechanical characterisation
  • Characterisation of traditional ceramics


  • Pilot-sized CVD/CVI and PIP plants for the production of long fibre-reinforced ceramic composites
  • Rapid prototyping plant (EOSINT P700) for the manufacturing of polyamide components