EU RTD FP7 Programme Committees

The Programme Committees for the 7th EU R&TD Framework Programme support the European Commission in implementing the programme. They consist of experts in various fields, appointed by Member States and authorized by the Commission.

The delegations are the reference body for processing and representing the national demands for the implementation of the FP7 research themes to the European Commission. The delegations also ensure the link between the activities of the Commission and national public and private stakeholders involved in the implementation of the programme. In this context, they contribute to the dissemination of information related to the implementation of the programme – i.e., development of work programs, call launch and results,... – and activate the necessary steps to ensure a qualified participation in the calls, increasing the chances of success.

The delegations are endowed with a diverse set of skills, enabling these objectives to be achieved and constituting a stable back office that processes positions and measures to be represented at the European headquarters either through documents or through direct interventions in the Committee meetings. To this end, the delegation activates the necessary connections to acquire the proposals from the national stakeholders.

All details on delegations, addresses and phone numbers of delegates and experts, including several ENEA experts, are available on the website: