European Technology Platforms

Founded in 2003 by the European Council , the European Technology Platforms (ETPs) were then further developed and supported by the European Commission as a means to foster and integrate research based on public-private partnerships. Basically they are forums led by the major industries, gathering both the main economic stakeholders highly oriented at technology, innovation or research on specific sectors or areas, and stakeholders from Universities, research institutes, manufacturers as well as local, regional, national and European associations and authorities.

Stakeholders’ common goal is to define a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which they share in the medium to long term. Based on a so-called common R&D “vision” in a specific sector, The Agenda is agreed by industry and research stakeholders who are investing huge human and financial resources.

ETPs’ activities are aimed at defining and developing action plans where research priorities strategic to the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation are submitted to the European Commission.

There exist, in all, 36 European Technology Platforms, grouped in the following research areas:

Generally the ETP is structured into a General Assembly gathering all partners, which identifies an Advisory Council. The latter manages all activities, interacts with the Mirror Groups, and is assisted by one or more supporting groups and a secretariat. Each Member State Mirror Group supervises the work performed by the Platform. Finally, at the operative level, Working Groups are set up to realize some projects so that all the Platform’s Vision goals are achieved. Some ETPs also avail themselves of the JTIs –Joint Technology Initiatives – with a view to support the implementation of a part of their SRA, whose scope and dimensions demand the mobilization and coordination of huge financial, human and material resources, both public and private.

ENEA is partner of many European and Italian Technology Platforms, in some of them acting as a member of the Executive or Scientific Committee.


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