Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) FUEL CELLS and HYDROGEN (FCH)

JTIs are a new form of public-private R&D partnerships, fostering research in any specific sector requiring the mobilization of huge public and private resources and investments so that ambitious large-scale goals may be achieved.

The JTI FCH (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen) is managed by a Joint Undertaking under the European Commission and an industrial association representing all enterprises, universities and research organizations specifically operating in the field of technology. ENEA is one of the members of this association.

The JTI FCH shall create the necessary conditions for the fuel cells and hydrogen technology to be introduced in the market. This includes creating a critical mass of research resources such as to persuade industries, investors and public authorities to embark on a program with such a long time span. In fact, although many resources are already committed at both Community and national levels, they are still not sufficient to overcome the enormous challenges posed by the actual transition from an oil- to an hydrogen-based economy. A greater and primarily a perfectly coordinated effort is needed at the continental level, to ensure that all European actors in the field share a favorable environment for the continuation of research activities and achieve the ambitious goals set.

Launched in 2008, the JTI FCH will end in 2013 and is financed with EU funds amounting to € 470 million. The Italian participation in FCH is managed by an ENEA expert.