Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) ARTEMIS and ENIAC

JTIs are a new form of public-private R&D partnerships, fostering research in any specific sector requiring the mobilization of huge public and private resources and investments so that ambitious large-scale goals may be achieved.

The JTIs ARTEMIS and ENIAC are managed under Joint Undertakings established by the European Commission, an industrial association representing all enterprises, universities and research organizations specifically operating in the field of technology and those Member States that have applied for membership.

The JTI ARTEMIS supports research on embedded systems, whereas ENIAC focuses on nano-electronics and microprocessor-manufacturing technologies.

ARTEMIS and ENIAC were both launched in 2007 and their activities will end in 2013. They are financed with EU funds, € 410 million for ARTEMIS and € 440 million for ENIAC, and with national funds amounting to about 1.8 times as much as the Community’s. Italy is represented by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, which has already granted an overall amount of € 70 million drawn from a specific research-dedicated fund (FAR, Fondo per le Agevolazioni alla Ricerca). The Italian participation in both JTIs and the Public Authorities Board are managed and chaired by an ENEA expert, respectively.