International Relations

ENEA promotes and develops relations with national and international scientific institutions and subjects, governmental and non-governmental, to make partnerships stronger and foster technological transfer activities by providing advanced cross-sector expertise.


Focus Activities


Specifically, the International Relations Office is in charge of:

  • relations with international organizations, institutions and entities, and with the national ministries and relevant institutions such as MAECI and AICS; membership procedures for representatives of ENEA to international organizations, institutions and entities and the relevant national institutions;
  • definition of Memoranda of Understanding as well as scientific and technological cooperation agreements and for international researcher mobility;
  • monitoring of international funding opportunities for development cooperation topics or MAECI’s projects of major importance; monitoring opportunities for participation in international institutional scientific events; support to the definition, acquisition and implementation of development cooperation projects and initiatives;
  • reception of international delegations; communication of ENEA’s initiatives and news to international subjects and organizations.
  • Development Cooperation Task Force, gathering experts from the ENEA Departments and acting as interface and liaison with stakeholder for interventions, partnerships and possible activities in the sector.


International Relations Office

Marina Leonardi

International Development Cooperation

International Researcher Mobility