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Agenda 2030

ENEA makes its expertise available to develop a low-cost system for automated control and intelligent management of municipal activated sludge wastewater treatment plants. The process is monitored by uniquely acquiring and processing pH and redox potential (ORP) signals. This technology ensures high-efficiency denitrification and nitrification processes by real-time controlling the process and operational conditions of the treatment plant. Low cost and simple to manage, the technology can be easily transferred to and adjusted to meet the needs of developing countries, too.


Benefits and advantages:

  • Low-cost system
  • 36% average saving on total energy consumption and 15% on management costs
  • Higher denitrification and nitrification processes efficiency


ENEA Service:

  • Technical support during system installation
  • Training on the correct use of facilities


ENEA Activites:

  • ENEA Patent no. 102015000084042 registered on 16/12/2015; its PCT extension was requested on 16/12/2016.
  • “Efficiency Assessment of an ENEA process controller” under the ENEA – HERA S.p.A. framework agreement for the study, analysis and development of systems, techniques and facilities aimed at process optimization in wastewater treatment, higher energy efficiency and automated plant control. (In progress)


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