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For achieving the objectives

Agenda 2030

ENEA makes available its know-how on an innovative technology to develop cellular concrete, a product particularly suitable to be used in developing countries thanks to its good thermal insulation properties. This technology exploits the reaction between the enzymes contained in microorganisms (yeasts) and hydrogen peroxide to generate the aeration process needed to produce cellular concrete.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Highly environmentally-friendly
  • Simpler and better industrial fabrication process
  • Enhanced technical properties of the product
  • Cost saving


ENEA Service

  • Consulting on the possible product applications
  • Design


ENEA Activities

  • International ENEA patent (WO2019049005) “Process for preparing bioaerated autoclaved cement” named BAAC.
  • The current research activity is aimed at technological development to enhance the production processes and the final product
  • POC ENEA 2018-19. High energy performance bio-aerated cellular concrete, BIO-CEM.
  • ENEA-EKORU srl Research cooperation agreement
  • ENEA- FCS Tecnology LLC Research cooperation agreement


Territorial and Production Systems Sustainability Department
Energy Technologies Department