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For achieving the objectives

Agenda 2030

ENEA develops innovative biocleaning and bioconsolidation procedures and delivers advanced services for sustainable restoration interventions using non-pathogenic microbial strains and microbial or plant products.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Use of original (spontaneous and non-pathogenic) microbial strains to develop innovative “tailored” procedures allowing a more sustainable restoration strategy.
  • Use of procedures characterized by selectivity, atoxicity, compatibility with constitutive materials and the environment
  • Replacement of toxic products commonly used in restoration practices .


ENEA Services

  • Selective cleaning of artistic-historical surfaces using compresses of microorganisms trapped into a supporting matrix (micro-pack) to remove stratified deposits of various origin leaving no residues.
  • Production of microbial biocalcites to be used as novel materials for bioconsolidation of stone materials.
  • Accurate diagnosis of biodeterioration by microorganisms colonizing workpieces and monuments (biodeteriogens / secondary colonizers).
  • Definition of protocols for biodeterioration prevention and monitoring.
  • Accurate monitoring of biodeterioration using atoxic microbial or plant products.


ENEA Activities


Keywords :
Biorestoration, biotechnologies, sustainable restoration


Territorial and Production Systems Sustainability

Environmental Biogeochemistry