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Agenda 2030

ENEA has developed SeT, an innovative closed greenhouse system controlled by way of the photovoltaic technology for sustainable vertical greenhouse farming, with consequent higher energy and environmental sustainability. SeT makes use of solar energy for air-conditioning greenhouses and vertical farming plants through a soilless technology. The SeT system allows to get the optimal exploitation of the whole greenhouse volume and a production up to 3-4 times higher than traditional greenhouses, where farming mainly exploits the horizontal dimension.

The system also allows maximum water saving thanks to the accurate fertirrigation and the possibility to recycle up to 95-98% of the water transpired from plants.


018-esternoserra.jpgBenefits and Advantages:

  • Higher production efficiency and lower energy costs per product unit
  • Lower environmental impact of greenhouse production
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Lower energy and water consumption, and reduced CO2 emissions


Soilless farming with LED
ENEA Service:

  • technology transfer
  • technical support
  • consulting
  • training


Potential applications in developing countries:

In developing countries, SeT can be used to produce fresh foods under poor soil and emergency conditions such as, for instance, refugee camps and extreme environments (Antarctica, Arctic, deserts, wastelands).



Greenhouse system, energy saving, sustainable air-conditioning, energy efficiency, farming, photovoltaics, water recycling, emissions.


Energy Efficiency Technical Unit