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For achieving the objectives

Agenda 2030

ENEA delivers consulting services to assess the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of innovative eco-friendly building materials  in order to:

  • get better buildings insulation
  • develop sustainable innovative mixes based on the raw and secondary raw materials available locally
  • get safer and more comfortable dwellings (e.g., fireproof, soundproof and anti-seismic systems)
  • produce novel studies on their durability
  • assess their behaviour based on the climate area through on-site non-destructive diagnostics.


Benefits and Advantages

Searching novel technical building solutions and developing innovative high-energy-performance products, based on the specific climate areas and their characteristics, allow to:

  • valorize the local production of natural plant materials (e.g., hemp) or their wastes as eco-sustainable building materials
  • get the best conditions in terms of temperature and humidity and, consequently, a healthy living environment
  • import fewer raw materials to the economic benefit of those countries with few or no available raw materials
  • indirectly reduce the costs of plant raw materials by saving on transport  thanks to the creation of a short distribution chain (local production and product transformation)


ENEA Services

  • technical support
  • design
  • technology transfer
  • consulting and training


ENEA Activities

ENEA has a long consolidated experience of projects on innovative building materials:


Territorial and Production Systems Sustainability