Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

Scientific and Technological Cooperation

ENEA promotes and develops scientific and technological cooperation activities further consolidating its wide-ranging scope of activities within the international scenario and implementing joint actions on topics of mutual interest through the participation of its experts and representatives in initiatives and projects of International Organisations, and by drawing up Agreements with foreign institutions and entities.

Scientific cooperation activities are also related to the Italian Scientific Attachés Network and the participation in the calls for Projects of Major Importance and Mobility promoted by MAECI

International Organizations

In concert with the relevant structures of the involved Ministries (MISE, MAECI, MIUR, MATTM), Italy is represented by ENEA experts, appointed as members of committees and working groups in international organizations operating in the Agency’s competence sectors.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) was established under the OECD in 1974, following the first oil crisis, with the initial participation of 16 countries, including Italy. IEA members are currently 30 out of 36 OECD member countries. The European Commission participates in the Agency’s works without voting rights.

The IEA activities are focused on 4 main intervention areas: energy safety, economic development, environmental awareness and global commitment.

ENEA participates in the Standing Group on Long Term Cooperation and the Committee on Energy Research and Technology as well as in Working Groups and Technology Collaboration Programmes. These latter are the instruments allowing governments and other organizations to gather resources, strengthen research and develop specific technologies, so that they can share research on breakthrough technologies, fill existing research gaps, build pilot plants and carry out deployment or demonstration programmes.

ENEA delegates at IEA are designated in agreement with the Directorate General for Security of Supply and Energy Infrastructure of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.

Bilateral Cooperation

The international scientific and technological cooperation is achieved through bilateral agreements, signed between foreign homologous research institutes, in order to implement joint research initiatives on topics of mutual interest.

Such agreements are signed by in accordance with what stipulated in the scientific and technological cooperation agreements negotiated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with partner countries, and in the absence of any agreement, they are signed in concert with the Ministry itself.

The full list of bilateral agreements and MoUs (17 overall) signed by ENEA and currently in force is reported at the end of this page.

ENEA is also involved in the projects under scientific and technological cooperation Executive Programmes and/or Protocols implementing the bilateral agreements mentioned above.

In the framework of such Executive Programmes, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation selects the Mobility Projects and Projects of Major Importance to be funded over the protocol duration period. A full list of the Executive Protocols currently in force is available on MAECI’s website.

In 2017, within ENEA’s fields of competence, 4 Projects of Major Importance and 5  Researcher Mobility Projects are co-funded by MAECI. A complete list of the Projects of Major Importance proposed by ENEA is reported in the Table here below.

Entity / Institution / Association

State: Australia
Agreement: MoU
Research Area: Cooperation in renewable energy and energy efficiency
Date of Signature: 28/11/2019
Duration (years): 2

International Organization

State: USA
Subject of collaboration: Industrialization of a Tc-99m production line for the supply of innovative generators to the local market
Fields of competence: Radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine

PUBLISHED: 08/04/2011

UPDATED: 07/01/2020


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