Circular economy: New methods to improve use of construction and demolition waste


Improving re-use of construction waste materials to bolster the transition toward a circular economy. This is the goal of the CONDEREFF (Construction & demolition waste management policies for improved resource efficiency) project involving ENEA, the Lazio Region and 6 other partners in 7 countries (Spain, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Germany).

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the ambit of the INTERREG EUROPE interregional cooperation programme, the aim of the project is to overcome the main criticalities that hinder broader diffusion of products deriving from the valorisation of construction and demolition waste (C&D), which waste accounts for 40% of the total special waste produced in Europe.

It will thus be possible to offer alternatives to the use of virgin raw materials, also enabling the participating countries to improve objectives regarding recycling and efficiency in the use of resources. As Antonella Luciano, ENEA’s project manager, puts it, “After analysing the main aspects − legislative-procedural, economic, technical and cultural − we will provide partners with a methodology to overcome these criticalities as a function of the specificities of the various countries, seeking the involvement of the sector’s stakeholders and experts.

The results of this activity will aid policy makers when adopting specific measures using the best practices of partner countries in which use of C&D waste is widely practiced” During the first implementation stage, the regulatory scenario, the economic potentials of C&D waste, recycling capacities and the best practices in each of the partner countries were analysed. Ms Luciano adds, “Throughout the first phase of the project, ENEA sought the involvement of the main stakeholders in this study.

Approaches and best practices were then discussed also via international workshops on specific topics, such as that organized in Rome by the Lazio Region, with the technical support of ENEA, on the use of Green Public Procurement (GPP) as a driver for efficient management of construction and demolition waste. It is no mere coincidence that this workshop was organized by the Italian partners, since Italy is the only European country that has mandated GPP and activated a monitoring system”.

In addition to the public authorities, the project results’ targets are all players involved in regulation and management of C&D waste at various levels, such as construction and demolition companies and recycling companies, whose active involvement is sought.


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