Energy: ENEA signed 8.2m contract for technical assistance to Algeria on energy efficiency and renewables


ENEA will provide technical assistance to Algeria on energy efficiency and renewables, as a member of the partnership which won the tender launched in 2017 by EuropeAid, in which took part 15 participants .

The contract,  signed on 10 January by the Agency with the other 3 partners, the Greek National Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CRES), Allplan GmbH, an Austrian consulting company specialized in energy efficiency, the environment and building services, and the Belgian company IBF International Consulting NV,  will conduct the activities over a three-year period for a value of 8.2 million euro.

“ENEA will deal with the transfer of know-how and expertise, also concerning legislation and regulation of the sector, to encourage the development of a distributed electricity generation from low power renewable energy sources across the Algerian territory. Another priority area will be energy efficiency, concerning both new buildings and thermal insulation criteria, and the energy recovery of existing buildings ", Dario Chello, Head of the ENEA European Union and International Organisms Unit ", pointed out.

The activities include an energy labeling scheme for household appliances and the energy certification of buildings and materials with high-energy characteristics.

A support unit will be set up providing  technical assistance and conducting training activities , and a special software developed. Proposals and recommendations will be formulated, the technical specifications of materials and the equipment to be purchased defined, and specific research and analysis developed. The program also foresees training activities for institutional representatives.

The technical assistance activities will be targeted to the administrations of the Algerian Republic and the institutional and non-institutional energy bodies, included the Energy Efficiency Agency (APRUE), the research and development centers,  the companies of the group and the state company, which manages the production, transport and distribution of electricity and gas. In particular, 5 ministries will be involved - Energy, the Environment and Renewables, Habitat, Urban Planning and City, Industry and Commerce - as well as the Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG), the National Center for Integrated Studies and Research on the Building Sector (CNERIB) and the Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER).



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