Energy: ENEA and RES4Africa together for the development of renewables in North Africa thanks to agrivoltaic


Promoting the development of agrivoltaic and green energy in the countries of the southern Mediterranean, avoiding conflicts linked to soil consumption, water, and food shortages. This is the aim of the memorandum of understanding signed by ENEA and RES4Africa Foundation, which promotes the spread of renewable energy in Africa.

“In the last decade, we have noted how the progressive spread of renewable sources in the North African territories has increased the conflict over land use. In this context, the agricultural industry has shown its full potential in improving the integration between energy and land use”, stated Roberto Vigotti, RES4Africa’s Secretary-General “The application of this system creates a winning synergy between water, energy, and food, thus configuring itself as a fundamental tool for a Foundation like RES4Africa, which has been carrying out its work in support of the African energy transition since 2012.”

To respond to the problem of soil consumption for energy purposes which risks reducing the availability of food resources, ENEA will implement the task “Sustainable agriculture @ENEA,” established last March to favor the link between the main subjects involved in the design, construction and authorization of agrivoltaic plants, both from a cultural and landscape point of view, as well as from a technical and economic perspective.

“With this agreement, we intend to continue our commitment to promote the energy transition in Africa, using the best strategies, such as the agricultural sector. The installation of photovoltaic systems, given their technological maturity, the low cost and the simplicity of the systems, is strategic for achieving the energy objectives of the area.”, stated Giorgio Graditi, ENEA’s Department of Energy Technologies and Renewable Sources Director “But to integrate renewable energy into the local electricity system, it will be necessary to implement policies and demonstration initiatives that can make it easier for the private sector to play the role of an accelerator of the energy transition” concludes Graditi.

ENEA, an honorary member since 2016 of RES4Med -a network engaged in promoting renewables in the Mediterranean area and North Africa, which has broadened its scope towards Sub-Saharian Africa with RES4Africa- has played an important institutional role for several years as a national link among ministries in the field of cooperation and development.

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