Energy: ENEA signs pact with Confindustria to promote hydrogen


Industry and research collaborate to develop a national supply chain

Identifying the potential of industrial hydrogen chains, innovative solutions and possible operational scenarios by strengthening the collaboration between research and industry.

These are the goals of a strategic alliance  -an actual "hydrogen pact"-  signed by Confindustria and ENEA as part of the initiatives to reduce industrial energy supply costs,  promote sustainability and develop frontier technologies .

"Confindustria considers the National Hydrogen Strategy to be a potential game changer for sustainability" - Aurelio Regina, delegate of Confindustria for energy, said.

"Ensuring sustainable industrial development that meets the European targets of climate neutrality is a priority project. The agreement with ENEA, a leading research body, will allow us to make the most of the technological leadership position of the Italian industry, as part of a systemic project for our Country ".

"The agreement with Confindustria enables us to put our consolidated know-how, expertise and infrastructures in the hydrogen field at the service of companies. We believe –ENEA President Federico Testa pointed out- in the importance of increasing efforts of research and technology transfer to create a strong industrial chain for our country, to take on a strategic and competitive role at the European level. Just recently European Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen indicated hydrogen as a priority area in Next Generation Eu ”.

The collaboration agreement foresees  mapping of technologies, know-how, hard to abate sectors, technological evolution, hydrogen-based processes and potential of consumption and production capacity in the short, medium and long term.

An in-depth supply and demand analysis is envisaged, also concerning potential production and use in Italy of clean hydrogen and the investments needed to create a dedicated supply chain.

More generally, the alliance between Confindustria and ENEA aims at fostering a closer and continuous relationship between research and industry for the development of innovative technological solutions, projects and studies, in a wider perspective of a paradigm shift in energy systems, also through new project models and re-engineering of products and production plants.

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