Energy: Online new portal for Energy Performance Certificates


The new SIAPE portal [1] is online, a national tool to collect Energy Performance Certificates (EPA) of buildings and real estate units registered in land registries of regions and autonomous Provinces.

The portal, an initiative undertaken by ENEA, provides services  to all those involved in energy requalification, from individual users to technicians, from banks to local administrations.

"The new portal is a common base of knowledge, and the synergy among the various actors in the supply chain will facilitate the renewal of real estate assets", Mauro Marani, Head of the ENEA Division Integrated Services for Territorial Development, pointed out.

"The possibility of collecting and centralizing in a single database the EPAs of buildings and real estate units throughout the Italian territory is crucial to have an in-depth knowledge of the building heritage, and can provide significant support to national energy policies, both for monitoring their effectiveness and to identify the sectors most in  need of energy requalification interventions ”.

9 Regions and 2 Autonomous Provinces are currently connected to the SIAPE, which manages all the information contained in the EPAs and provides a detailed overview of the energy renovation status of the national building stock.

Three additional Regions have recently joined the system and a further four have requested access credentials.

Once all the energy registries of Regions and Autonomous Provinces are connected to the system, SIAPE will reach its full potential, allowing to evaluate the effectiveness over time of the measures put in place  for the energy  renovation of the existing building stock.

"Through integration and interoperability among national and regional databases, the SIAPE will significantly contribute to the definition of a strategic planning tool aimed at identifying the areas mostly in need of energy requalification interventions, in support of more effective energy policies drawn up according to different territorial situations", Marani said, underlying how this tool can help Public Administrations improve territorial planning, the construction chain choose buildings design and materials  according to specific territorial contexts and interested users analyze in aggregate form the energy characteristics of territorial situations similar to their context of reference.

"The path undertaken for the establishment of the SIAPE, created and managed by ENEA, in recent years has required intense networking and collaboration activities among all actors involved.

In addition to being connected with all the energy registries of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces already present in the system, ENEA is supporting others implementing their respective energy registries, with the aim of entering the data related to all buildings thoroughout the country ” Marani concluded.


To access the portal SIAPE:

Mauro Marani, ENEA – Head  Division Integrated Services for Territorial Development, Department Unit,


[1] Informative System for Energy Performance Certificates, established by Interministerial Decree in 2005

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