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ENEA has published an application called SERVICE4Impact to easily assess the health of the Third Sector's building stock, both in terms of energy and structural vulnerability. The app was developed to support energy diagnosis professionals within the Social Energy Renovations (SER) European project, involving seven partners from four EU countries.[1]

Specifically developed for energy diagnoses, SERVICE4Impact allows the structural characteristics and actual consumption of buildings to be recorded and compared with energy demand benchmarks for both thermal and electrical consumption. The application generates a report to identify energy upgrades to be performed, with the possibility of planning investments on several building types.

“The aim of the project is to develop a financial instrument that enables Third Sector organisations to carry out sustainable renovations of their buildings and lenders to make investments aligned with ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria, exerting a strong impact in terms of social value creation", explained Alessandro Fiorini, researcher of the ENEA Department of Energy Efficiency and project manager.

Launched during the Objective Zero Emission event, the app not only identifies possible solutions for the technological modernisation of buildings, but is also able to provide guidance on the varying degrees of territorial, environmental and climatic risks required for the subsequent structural project.

Available for smartphones and tablets, it was coded by Logical Soft with the contribution of ENEA researchers from the Energy Efficiency Department and the Technology for Structural Dynamics and Seismic Risk Prevention Laboratory, and the cooperation of Fratello Sole, a non-profit consortium committed to promoting sustainability in the Third Sector.

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Alessandro Fiorini, ENEA - Energy Efficiency Department,


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Objective Zero Emission event registration - Launch of the SERVICE4Impact app


[1] ENEA, Milan Polytechnic, Fratello Sole, Econoler (Bulgaria), Secours Catholique (France) and CGM Finance (Spain, lead partner)

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