Environment: ENEA at pre COP26 in Milan to address "fake news" about climate change


SALLOevent.jpgClimate and global warming, the costs and impacts of climate change, the sectors generating the largest shares of greenhouse gas emissions, policies, strategies, estimated scenarios and best practices are the themes the ENEA side event "SALLO – tutto quello che avreSte voluto sApere suL cambiamento cLimaticO” (Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Climate Change), will be exploring at the Pre-COP 26 in Milan, scheduled for 1 October (live streamed at 5 pm on the ENEA Eventi YouTube channel and the website All4Climate.

The outcomes of an ENEA online survey on climate change, stereotypes and fake news, conducted with the purpose of promoting correct information, virtuous behavior and a more active participation in the ecological transition process, will be presented. The event will include multimedia contents and interviews to ENEA researchers to examine the aggregate results of the “SALLO! Quiz” questionnaire and the correct answers and to debunk climate myths .

“Over 1300 people of all ages and many students from different institutes participated in the survey”, pointed out Melania Michetti of the ENEA Division “Models and Technologies for Anthropogenic Impacts and Natural Risks Reduction. “Several teachers used the SALLO! Quiz to futher explore some of the topics with their students. At ENEA, we believe that a correct scientific dissemination and a  greater awareness are crucial to promote a bottom-up, social and cultural paradigm shift necessary to a more sustainable and resilient society ”, Michetti said.

The event is part of the initiatives of Pre-COP26, the preparatory conference for COP26 which brings together representatives of about 40 countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and civil society to explore some key negotiating issues in the fight against climate change (Milan Congress Center, from 30 September to 2 October 2021).

Pre-COP26 is the last official meeting before COP26, the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change chaired this year by the United Kingdom, in partnership with Italy, which will take place in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November with the following 4 objectives: eliminating net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, limiting the increase in the global average temperature to within 1.5 ° C; protecting communities and natural habitats; mobilizing finance; accelerating collaboration on climate matters.

In the following days the event will also be broadcast on ENEA social accounts (Facebook - Twitter - ENEA Channel).

Open access to recordings will be available to teachers and students.

For more information please contact:

Melania Michetti, ENEA – Division Models and Technologies for Anthropic Impacts and Natural Risks Reduction, melania.michetti@enea.it

The event, live-streamed on Youtube, can be accessed at: https://www.enea.it/it/seguici/events/sallo_01ott2021/PRECOP26

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