Food safety: Project for services of excellence to institutions, companies and consumers


A step forward for the ENEA coordinated METROFOOD-RI research infrastructure, , involving over 2200 researchers from 48 of the major institutions of 18 European countries involved in the field of food safety and traceability.

In fact, with the kick-off meeting in Lisbon, the METROFOOD Preparatory Phase has begun, aimed at bringing the infrastructure to an optimal organizational and management level also by acquiring its own legal entity.

Selected among the best in the "Health & Food" sector by the European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), METROFOOD is addressed to the world of research, inspection and control agencies, operators in the agro-industrial sector as well as consumers, offering excellent services in terms of quality, safety, traceability and authenticity of food.

Simultaneously with the Lisbon event, the European inter-ministerial group supporting the infrastructure will also meet, with the participation of the representatives of the competent Ministries of Italy (MIUR), Belgium, Greece, North Macedonia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey.


For more information please contact: Claudia Zoani – ENEA, Agro-Industry and Biotechnologies Division. Email: -

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