Innovation: State-of-the-art, fireproof material for transport, electronics and construction


ENEA has patented a process to manufacture an innovative fireproof material which allows to reduce the weight of a vehicle's body, as part of the project FireMat, worth 1.1 million euro and  co-funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region [1].

The multi-material solution consists of alternating layers of fiber-reinforced composite material and aluminium, to create also elements for electronics and construction like battery boxes, fireproof bulkheads, protections and supports for power electronics, i.e. all those components potentially subject to overheating due to the large amount of energy concentrated in limited spaces.

"The process developed aims to optimize the compromise among fireproof and mechanical characteristics, recyclability at the end of life and use of secondary raw materials, that is the principles of the circular economy, 'core' activity of the ENEA Department of Sustainability of Production and Territorial Systems, to which our laboratory belongs”, explained Claudio Mingazzini, ENEA researcher at the Laboratory of Materials Technologies Faenza (TEMAF) and inventor of the patent.

In addition to reducing the weight of electric and hybrid cars, the new process, which has a TRL[2] , obtained the same result in public transport vehicles such as ships and trains.

"In order to explain the importance of vehicle weight reduction in the transport sector, it is useful to begin with the example of the electric car, which can now achieve a 300 km range:  a 30% vehicle weight reduction would make it possible to have almost 400 km of autonomy on a single charge, at the same time reducing CO2 emissions per km by the same percentage, increasing both market attractiveness and environmental benefits ", Mingazzini concluded.

Originating from aerospace technology, the patent allows to reduce weights, costs and manufacturing times in productions characterized by much larger numbers than those of aircraft components.

For more information please contact:

Claudio Mingazzini, ENEA – Laboratory of Materials Technologies Faenza (TEMAF),



[1] 800 thousand euro funding from the POR FESR 2014-2020 (Regional Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund)

[2] Technology Readiness Level

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