Iranian delegation meets ENEA experts on energy efficiency


An Iranian official from SEBA (Organization for Energy Efficiency) had an interesting exchange of information with ENEA experts in this sector.

The meeting was organized by the Agency’s International Relations Office upon request by UNIDO ITPO Italy (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Investment and Technology Promotion Office), with which ENEA renewed a Joint Declaration for promoting sustainable technologies and best practices in developing countries.

The two-day meeting was held at ENEA headquarters with the following attendees:  Amir Doudabi Nezhad from SEBA, and Lorenzo Alderighi  from  UNIDO. The ENEA experts were Simona De Iuliis (Energy Technologies Department), Anna Salama (Energy Efficiency Technical Unit), and Isabella Mazziotti (International Relations Office).

On the first day, the Iranian guest described the whole framework of Iran’s energy situation, particularly stressing the will to increase Iran’s production of renewable energy whilst improving energy efficiency.

ENEA experts illustrated the technologies developed by the Agency and the whole Italy’s energy system, thus giving rise to a profitable, mutual exchange of information.

The Iranian counterpart emphasized that particular focus is dedicated to Energy Efficiency and the Italian legislation in the sector, along with the role and functions of the Agency for Energy Efficiency.

On the following day, the meeting was held at UNIDO headquarters in Rome, in the presence of Dr. Mazziotti for ENEA, with an interesting round table on the joint project by UNIDO and the Italian Ministry of the Environment, aiming to promote investments on and transfer technology to SME’s operating in the fields of energy and the environment.


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