Nuclear: ENEA presents a drone for emergency inspections


ENEA has developed an innovative drone to search for and identify radioactive leaks, useful in cases of radiological and nuclear emergencies. Equipped with a measuring instrument called a Geiger Muller, it will allow ionising radiation to be measured remotely in specific areas, thus protecting humans from possible radioactive contamination. Thanks to an optimisation algorithm, the drone is also able to selectively identify the contaminated area, reducing the time needed to search for and locate sources compared to traditional approaches.

The activity is carried out by ENEA as part of the INCLUDING (INnovative CLUster for raDIological and Nuclear emerGencies) project, funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme for the prevention of and response to radiological and nuclear emergencies.

For more information:

Video of the ENEA drone in action during an exercise within the INCLUDING project (Karkialampi military base, Mikkeli, Finland)

Antonio Di Pietro, ENEA - Critical Infrastructure Protection Laboratory,

Luigi De Dominicis, ENEA - Head of Diagnostics and Metrology Laboratory and coordinator of the INCLUDING project,

About the INCLUDING project:

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