PA: Two ENEA experts in the mise task force for industrial policy


Valentina Feliziani, economist and head of the ENEA Economic and Social Security Management Service, and Rossana Cotroneo, researcher at the Innovation Projects Management Unit of the ENEA Technological Development Division were selected to be part of a task force set up by the Ministry of Economic Development to make industrial policy in Italy operate more effectively.

Rossana Cotroneo has a degree in Statistical Sciences with a doctorate in sustainable development and ecosystem services. Adjunct professor at the University of Tuscia and the University of Verona, she conducted analyses and surveys in the environmental and socio-demographic fields as part of the National Statistical Plan. An expert in statistical analyses and machine learning techniques, at ENEA she is in charge of assessing research projects and is a member of the “Bologna Big Data Technopole” Task Force.

Valentina Feliziani, a degree in Economics and a PhD in Economics and Quantitative Methods, teaches economics at Sapienza University of Rome and postgraduate courses at Roma Tre University. With a postdoc in Economics, two II level Masters in Public Economics and Economics and Engineering of the Environment and Territory, she has authored numerous works on economic policy issues, assessment of public projects, economics of culture and tourism; she has conducted studies and research for public and private entities and has gained experience as a European projects coordinator.

"The core of experts will be an important tool for providing indications and priorities also through processing, analysis and synthesis of data", explained Rossana Cotroneo. "It will be necessary to identify the leading industrial sectors, those that require investments in the medium and long term, increasing R&D investments in innovative sectors and eliminating entry barriers".

The task force will conduct studies in the sectors of production activities, preparing analyses and evaluations in support of political bodies and formulating proposals to define guidelines, measures and incentives in the various areas of industrial policy.

"The resources deployed by the PNRR are an important opportunity for the national industry to boost innovation and technological change and face possible crisis", said Valentina Feliziani.

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