Space: Dialuce (ENEA), a shared R&I agenda for a new italian space challenge


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ENEA is ready to share its technologies, knowledge and infrastructures to contribute to a new Italian space challenge and seize the opportunities for growth, progress and well-being that can stem from it, stimulating new ideas, knowledge and discoveries, as stated by ENEA President Gilberto Dialuce.

"We have solid competences and professional skills to support this very dynamic phase of transformation of the Space sector, which deserves special attention for its implications for progress and the future of humanity", pointed out Dialuce in the editorial of the latest issue of the ENEA magazine EAI (Energia, Ambiente e Innovazione – Energy, Environment and Innovation) entitled  Research and Innovation for the Space Challenge, online at

The magazine highlights the strategic importance of the space sector for our country: with over 2 billion euro in annual turnover and 7,000 employees, Italy is among the few countries in the world to have a complete national industrial chain with unique expertise internationally recognized, created also thanks to a collaboration between public research and sector companies, aimed at human Space Exploration.

According to the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the national space industry has over 200 companies with excellent skills in upstream and downstream activities, 12 technology districts, an aerospace technology cluster, three industrial associations, startups and large companies exporting technologies and complex systems.

A section of the magazine is dedicated to projects, collaborations underway in Italy and abroad and the ENEA infrastructures for aerospace research, with interviews to astronaut Umberto Guidoni, representatives of national and international institutions like the President of ASI Giorgio Saccoccia and the next Director of ESA's Earth Observation Programs and Head of ESRIN Simonetta Cheli, and the perspectives of players in the sector, like MEP Massimiliano Salini, rapporteur to the European Parliament on the EU's 14.8 billion euro plan for space, astrophysicist Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of the United Nations office for Outer Space Affairs , and experts such as Andrea Taramelli, Professor at the IUSS University School of Pavia and National Coordinator of the Copernicus User Forum Italy, Alessandro Cavallo and Angelo Paravano of the Space Economy Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano.

It also features  the point of view of the managing directors of Thales Alenia Spazio Claudio Massimo Comparini and Avio Giulio Ranzo, the head of space activities of Leonardo and the CEO of Telespazio Luigi Pasquali,  the president of the Association of Companies for Space Activities Luca Rossettini, the CEO of Planetek Italia Giovanni Sylos Labini, Raffaele Mauro, General Partner of Primo Space, a venture capital fund specialized in the new space economy, and the Head of Strategic and Corporate Development of Telespazio Giuseppe Aridon.

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