A 250 GHz Radio Frequency CARM Source for Plasma Fusion

Conceptual Design Report

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Authors: Marcello Artioli, Massimo Aquilini, Ezio Campana, Mauro Cappelli, Mariano Carpanese, Silvio Ceccuzzi, Franco Ciocci, Giuseppe Dattoli, Domenico De Meis, Sergio Di Giovenale, Emanuele Di Palma, Luigi Di Pace, Andrea Doria, Gian Piero Gallerano, Naum S. Ginzburg, Emilio Giovenale, Mikhail Y. Glyavin, Alessandro Lampasi, Silvia Licciardi, Giuseppe Maffia, Luca Mezi, Francesco Mirizzi, Federico Nguyen, Simonetta Pagnutti, Nikolai Y. Peskovc, Alberto Petralia, Piero Petrolini, Aldo Pizzuto, Stefano Polenta, Bernardo Raspante, Gian Luca Ravera, Giuliano Rocchi,  Elio Sabia, Andrey V. Savilovc, Ivan Spassovsky, Svilen Sabchevski, Benedetto Tilia, Angelo A. Tuccillo, Simonetta Turtù, Pietro Zito

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 154, 2016

ISBN: 978-88-8286-339-5

Price: free


The book presents the conceptual design for a Cyclotron Auto Resonance Maser source, operating at 250 GHz and conceived for Plasma Fusion research activities.

The study is aimed at planning the construction of such a device at the ENEA Frascati Center, within the framework of the researches pertaining to the nuclear fusion.

This foreseen activity gathers together different skills traditionally present in ENEA and including nuclear fusion, accelerator technology, beam handling and transport, superconductivity.

The report covers the different details of the project and is divided in two parts.

The first contains a general description of the entire system, furthermore it describes the motivations underlying the choice of the device, the relevant theoretical foundations, the reasons for the choice of the operating parameters and the expected performances of the source.

In the second part the project details are reported and each constituting item is properly described in the technical annexes: the cathode design and the electron beam shaping and transport; the power supply and electrical pulse forming line; the Superconducting magnet and CARM cavity characteristics; the code development effort for the analysis of the radiation output performances.