High Performance Computing on CRESCO infrastructure: research activities and results 2020

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Edited by: Davide De Chiara, Simone Giusepponi

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 284, 2022

ISBN digital edition: 978-88-8286-429-3

ISBN paper edition: 978-88-8286-430-9

Price: free


This book is a collection of 51 papers, written by the main users of the ENEA CRESCO computing infrastructure. It describes applications related to high performance computing, an important technology for science and engineering. The topics cover many different fields as: materials science, climate, environment, nuclear technology, plasma physics, complex systems, HPC technology and many other advanced research topics which can be afforded only by using a specialized high performance computing. In particular, cause to the pandemic situation, in 2020 part of the computational resources were devoted to research activities finalized at the fight against COVID-19. These researchers employed about 15 % of the overall computing time and yielded 8 works.

The CRESCO system is one of the major super-computing infrastructures in Italy; it is used by more than 150 scientists, for research and projects of ENEA, but is also made available to the wider scientific community, with many users belonging to important national and international academic and industrial groups.

CRESCO is part of ENEAGRID, the computing infrastructure of ENEA, which is a distributed system covering six ENEA Centers: Portici, Frascati, Casaccia, Brindisi, Bologna and Trisaia. The Portici Center hosts the main computing facilities, where only CRESCO6 cluster has a computing power over than 1,4 PFlop.