Best practices on industrial symbiosis in Italy and the contribution of regional policies

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Edited by: Tiziana Beltrani and Marco La Monica

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 92, 2020

ISBN: 978-88-8286-394-4

Price: free


Industrial symbiosis is becoming increasingly recognized at international level as a strategical tool for the implementation of circular economy. In fact, since 2015, the European Commission recognized the importance of promoting innovative industrial processes such as industrial symbiosis through the Action plan for circular economy “Closing the Loop” (COM(2015) 614 final). In order to facilitate industrial symbiosis in Europe, the Commission proposed to review the legislature on waste and in particular “to clarify rules on by-products to facilitate industrial symbiosis and help create a level-playing field across the EU.”

In this direction, in 2016 ENEA promoted the initiative SUN (Symbiosis Users Network), with the aim to boost the application of the industrial symbiosis in Italy by the involvement of the different stakeholders. SUN promotes circular economy models through industrial symbiosis deepening operative issues.

Since the regional policies and governance systems play a crucial role in the implementation of industrial symbiosis in Italy, SUN promoted its last conference on “Good practices of industrial symbiosis in Italy and the contribution of regional policies as a strategic lever”. The conference co-organized by SUN, CTS of Ecomondo and ENEA was held on November 7th, 2019 within Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini (IT). The volume collects the proceedings of this meeting.